A downloadable antijelly

Welcome & thanks

Hi,  this is a shooter plataformer game created on 2017, for the project #potenciate in buenos aires, argentina is to test the unfolding of strangers for the creation of a video game in just two weeks, it was presented in the game show of our country, I hope you have fun

Created by: 

game desinger& programming :Facundo Cedolini

programming:Gabriel Aldaya

 sound: Claus Hesse  Alfredo Albarracin

 ilustration& animation: Mariana Rodriguez

Thanks for playing, hope you like it. 

Install instructions

/ASWD or  Up, rigth,left, down/  and Space.

Number control:
1- first gun
2- second gun
3- third gun
(you can change gun afteryou catch it)
right-click -Dash
Just... play.


AntiJellyfishForce1.0.1.zip 55 MB

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